Simple Improvements Help Sell Your Home

When preparing your home for sale start with the simple, low-to-no cost improvements first:

  1. Replace EVERY burnt out lightbulb both inside & outside your home.
  2. Stand across the street from your home during the day and with a critical eye, what do you see?

2.1.   Cobwebs around the front door or porch need to be removed

2.2.   Weeds, grass, trees, bushes, potted plants all need to be trimmed, pruned and tidy.

2.3.   Outside light fixtures should be cleaned of cobwebs or dust, glass should be clean.

2.4.   Any “distractions” should be removed (bikes, toys, empty planters, etc.)

2.5.   Walkways and porches need to be clean, meaning swept and uncluttered.

2.6.   Windows should be clean.

2.7.   Does the front door or trim need fresh paint or a new color? If so, do it. Garage Door?

2.8.   Does the doorbell work? If not, fix or replace it.

2.9.   Are your house numbers easy to find and readable

3.Do the same inventory as in #2 above for the back of your home and both side areas.

4. Inside your home take pictures of each room and use your critical eye. What do you see?

4.1.   Remove “clutter”, every room needs to look as large as possible.

4.2.   Put away your personal family photos and any personal décor that could distract from the home’s features, prospective buyers need to imagine living in this home.

4.3.   Remove any “fixtures” that do not convey with the sale. For example: a custom ceiling fan, light fixture, drapes or favorite curtains you plan to take with you. Remove those items and replace them prior to showing the home.

4.4.   Remove from view or the home anything of high value or that cannot be replaced: Private & important papers (personal identity or financial paperwork, especially), weapons, collector’s items, jewelry, medications, etc.

4.5.   Fix leaky faucets or toilets that “run”.

4.6.   Remove “extra” furniture to make walking through each room flow smoothly.

4.7.   Remove strong odors from cooking or pets.

4.8.   CLEAN – EVERYTHING – Like You Have Never Cleaned So Well – baseboards, light fixtures, ceiling fans, the oven, closets (yes, people will look), dust around the ceilings and walls for any spider webs, under all furniture for “dust bunnies”, toilets, sinks, cabinet doors as well as inside, mirrors.


These items should get you off to a good start, even on a tight budget. In another edition we will address some additional things that can be done if there is a “modest” budget.

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